Secret Garden

This project mixes three elements requested by the owner – a water feature, an Anasazi kiva element and a secret garden. The architect, owner and I came up with the idea of walking through water. As you walk through the courtyard the reflection pool cools the air and gives a calm feeling to the space. Plants frame the pool and soften the stucco walls.

The kiva element became the sunken conversation pit which mixes boulders with fine stone work.
The secret garden is a small courtyard off the master bedroom that is completely removed from the rest of the landscape. Huge boulders and Aspen trees provide seclusion to a relaxing space.

fountain, water feature, reflection pool, flagstone border,peaceful garden, peaceful space

Walking on water became the theme of this water feature. The house juts into the reflecting pool, which integrates landscape and house. The pool cools the air and emanates a peaceful feeling.

flagstone, fluttery trees, font, garden water feature, path, path lighting, reflection pool, trees, walking on water

When entering the courtyard you are greeted by a 4′ high bubbling rock, which symbolically was intended as a font. Dip your fingers, say a prayer, and continue to the front door.

flagstone pavers, grasses, ornamental grasses, aspens, front entry,blue sky,

Trees and grasses frame the front entry. Note the different textures and the purple leaf color in the backround of a Purple Leaf Plum. The material for the entry path is custom cut flagstone pavers.

boulder, stone work, rock wall, colorful flowers, character pine, yucca

This is a raised driveway circle that is 25′ across. The stone used to create the 18″ high planting bed is local sandstone. Large boulders and a character Pinon tree anchor the space. A combination of Lavender, California Fuschia, Coral Canyon Twinspur, and Purple Asters provide continuous summer color.

Boulder at the edge of the driveway circle

Gorgeous boulders and a character Pinon tree in the driveway circle. Notice the tree growing out of the boulder.

flagstone path, stepping stones,grasses, ornamental grasses, southwestern landscape, santa fe landscape, agastache,

A meandering flagstone stepping stone path through the garden. The flagstone is Arizona Buff which holds up very well in all types of weather, including freezing and thawing.

blue cushions, santa fe gardens, flagstone, fire pit, stone work, thyme joints, character boulders, red flowers

Originally this was to be a fire pit but the home owner’s association would not allow it. So, it became the conversation pit. Notice how the boulders are integrated into the stone work. Thyme is growing between the joints of the flagstone. The addition of the blue cushions by the owner personalize the space and add color and interest.

stone wall, flagstone, russian sage,california fuschia

An inviting space. Note the California Fuschia tumbling over the wall.

secret garden, big boulders, old doors, aspen trees, random flagstone

An invitation to the secret garden.

secret garden, secluded garden, boulders, aspen trees, cool spaces, relaxing spaces

Framed by huge boulders and Aspen and Juniper trees, this secret garden is a secluded, cool and relaxing space.